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About - Our Warranty

The Magic Ion Cleanse™ can help you balance your system. It's a soothing foot spa that you and your family will enjoy.

Relax, Cleanse, Rebuild.

All Health Seekers™ carries an unbelievable 3-year limited warranty. During the first year of ownership, Magic Ion Cleanse™ will repair the Ion Cleanse™ with new or rebuilt parts, free of charge in the USA. for one (1) Year from the date of original purchase in the event of a defect in materials or workmanship.

Upon expiration of the first year of ownership, during years two and three, there will be a $300
co-pay on repairs. Magic Ion Cleanse™ will repair any machine deemed defective in materials or workmanship. If any machine needs repairs exceeding the $300 co-pay, Magic Ion Cleanse™ will repair or replace the product at no additional charge.The customer will however be responsible for shipping cost of the new or repaired product. This warranty does not include accessories. We reserve the right to replace the machine with one of comparable quality and ease of use.

There are no other warranties expressed or implied other than this warranty presented herein.
This warranty will be terminated immediately if the seals on the unit are broken in any way.
Magic Ion Cleanse™ will not be liable for any medical expenses or consequential damages caused by defects, failures of any product arising from negligence or breach of warranty or contract.

See: for more information.

Foods that Detox

Check out these 20 foods that can help you detox!

Step by step walkthrough of a foot spa session.

The Cleansing Process

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At All Health Seekers™ we strive to point our customers towards a truly healthy life: diet/nutrition, exercise, and detoxification. Our products deliver a detoxifying foot spa experience that can assist you in your quest for healthy living.

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The Data:

... a new touch screen version of our detoxifying foot spa.
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