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About - Ionic Foot Spas

The Magic Ion Cleanse™ can help you balance your system. It's a soothing foot spa that you and your family will enjoy.

Relax, Cleanse, Rebuild.

Everyone knows when we exercise, we sweat... through our pores... releasing various oils and impurities.

But, did you know there are over 2000 pores in each of our feet?
That's right... some say the best method for releasing toxins is through the feet.

The Magic Ion Cleanse™ is an Ionic Foot Spa that can help your system cleanse itself. When your system is less toxic, your cells can function freely. The benefits of a less toxic, balanced life are many.

In 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg, a noted research scientist received a Nobel Prize for discovering that Malignant Cancer must have a low Oxygen, strong acid environment. Over 150 degenerative diseases are linked to acidity.

A simple foot spa, combined with a little technology can be an important part of your healthy lifestyle.

Try the Magic Ion Cleanse™ today!

Foods that Detox

Check out these 20 foods that can help you detox!

Step by step walkthrough of a foot spa session.

The Cleansing Process

We accept:

At All Health Seekers™ we strive to point our customers towards a truly healthy life: diet/nutrition, exercise, and detoxification. Our products deliver a detoxifying foot spa experience that can assist you in your quest for healthy living.

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The Data:

... a new touch screen version of our detoxifying foot spa.
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